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  • Mexican Chocolate (anno 1753)

    Take a pound of Cacao beans, roast them to remove the outer shells and crush into small pieces in a warm pestle and mortar. Add half a pound of sugar, 2 pieces of Vanilla, 2 drachm of Cinnamon. Mix into a masa and form little rolls or bars.

    For two people take a quarter of a pound of these chocolate bars whenever you wish to make some hot chocolate. Grind them and add to water, use a little or a lot depending on how thick you want it. You have to simmer the water for a long time, half an hour at least.

    Then add three eggs and simmer once again, not too long and not too short so that it will neither be too thin, nor too thick. You can also cook the chocolate with wine or milk; that works as well.

  • Mexican Chocolate II

    3 lbs of Cacao Beans (Criollo are best)

    1/2 cup Lightly Toasted Almonds

    1 Tbs. Powdered Cinnamon

    1 lb Dark Sugar

    1 Tsp. Nutmeg

    2 Vanilla Beans

    1 Egg, 2 Egg Yolks

    Grind all dry ingredients and put in a warm place. Add eggs, mix well and form little egg-sized balls. Flatten these out into pancakes and place on a board to cool. Wrap in baking or tissue paper and store in glass jars until needed.

    They keep indefinitely and each one makes four cups of chocolate.

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